Oral and pharyngeal cancer (cancer of the mouth and upper throat) collectively kills nearly one person every hour of every day of the year.  Of the people newly diagnosed with these cancers, only about 60% will live longer than five (5) years.  Moreover, many who do survive suffer long-term problems such as severe facial disfigurement or difficulties eating and speaking.  The death rate associated with oral and pharyngeal cancers remains particularly high due to the cancer being routinely discovered late in its development.

Robert A. Milner, D.D.S. — We have the ViziLite Exam.  The ViziLite Exam is an easy, non-invasive cancer screening, which enables the detection of oral cancer hopefully at an early stage.  We encourage our patients to take advantage of this service, the cost of which is $65 and may be covered in whole or in part by your dental insurance.

If you have questions relative to your coverage and this exam, please call my Practice Manager, Shari Donoho at (949) 859-8899.