Back-to-School Dental Tips

The beginning of September signals the start of a new school year. Parents all over our community are purchasing school clothes and stocking up on school supplies in order to get their kids ready for the new school year. What often gets lost in the shuffle of new schedules and the excitement of new experiences is an important detail: dental health. In this post, Dr. Robert Milner offers some tips to help give your child a headstart towards a healthy school year.

Tip #1 – Schedule a Dental Appointment

This time of the year — when kids are learning new habits and behaviors — is a perfect time to teach good dental health habits. A big part of this is scheduling bi-annual dental check-ups. Getting in the habit of regularly seeing your dentist (and being comfortable during the visit) is something that will serve your child well for the rest of their lives. Start early, and get that first appointment out of the way. You will sleep better knowing that with all of the new challenges your child is facing, at least their teeth are in good shape.

Tip #2 – Good Nutrition = Healthy Teeth

Getting the kids off to school with a good breakfast, packing a healthy lunch and making sure they have nutritious after-school snacks can be difficult for working parents. But few things are more important for avoiding cavities than diet. My tip: when in doubt, choose dairy. Dairy-rich foods such as milk and cheese are high in calcium. Calcium is the most important dietary component for dental health, especially for young teeth. Also, keep your fridge and cabinets packed with healthy fruits and vegetables instead of processed sugary snacks.

Tip #3 – Brush after Lunch

Most folks know that their kids should brush teeth twice a day. However, a third brushing after lunch at school can greatly decrease plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay. Have your child take a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss to school. Let them choose their own brush and paste; there are a lot of fun, child-friendly options at the stores. Superhero or cartoon-themed products with interesting flavors often make kids more willing to practice good hygiene.

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