Don't Let a Cracked Tooth Ruin Your Day

Cracking or breaking a tooth can be very distressing. The injury may cause intermittent or constant pain, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages, and difficulty biting or chewing normally. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to rehabilitating the tooth and avoiding more serious complications.

If you find yourself with a broken or cracked tooth, Dr. Robert Milner is just a phone call away. He can quickly alleviate your pain or discomfort, and recommend the most suitable way to restore your tooth to normal form and function.

Types of Tooth Cracks

Certain tooth cracks are so minor that they are difficult to detect; others are too serious to ignore.

  • Some cracks extend from the outer chewing surface down to the root, which holds soft tissue called pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels. If the tooth’s roots are exposed, the pulp can become damaged or diseased.
  • A minor crack or “craze line” is a surface crack that affects only the enamel.
  • A split tooth has distinct segments that can be separated into two pieces.
  • A fractured cusp refers to a break in one of the pointed parts of the tooth’s chewing surface.

No matter how minor a crack may seem, it is important to see a dentist who can evaluate the problem. Leaving a cracked tooth untreated can have unfortunate consequences for your oral health. For example, a minor crack can widen or deepen, or bacteria can get into the tooth and infect it.

How Dr. Milner Can Repair a Cracked Tooth

The approach to treating a cracked tooth depends on the nature of the problem. Minor cracks or craze lines may be lightly polished or smoothed to eliminate rough spots. Fractured cusps may be repaired with an onlay or a dental crown. Cracked teeth usually require the placement of a crown, and depending on how deep the fracture extends, possibly a root canal to clean out the tooth’s roots. If the cracked tooth is severely damaged, it may need to be extracted and replaced with a natural-looking dental restoration like a bridge or dental implant.

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