Dr. Milner Offers Fluoride Varnish for Adults and Children to Prevent Cavities

Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Often called “nature’s cavity fighter,” fluoride is an essential part of dental care. The naturally-occurring mineral helps prevent cavities in both children and adults by making enamel (the outer surface of your teeth) stronger and more resistant to acids that cause tooth decay. Fluoride is available in different forms, including toothpastes and at-home rinses.

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that simple dental treatments may reverse decay. Among those treatments? Fluoride varnish, an FDA-approved in-office dental treatment. Dr. Robert Milner is proud to offer fluoride varnish to both his children and adult patients. In this blog post, Dr. Milner shares more information on the procedure, including its benefits.

How Fluoride Varnish Works

Fluoride varnish is a sticky, protective coating that is painted on teeth to help prevent new cavities and to help treat cavities that have already begun to form. The study published in the Wall Street Journal followed 19 dental practices in Australia seven years. Researchers found patients who received fluoride treatments needed on average 30 percent fewer dental fillings to treat cavities. Fluoride varnish has also been proven to be an excellent option for patients who have sensitive teeth or experience hypersensitivity during dental treatments or in response to teeth whitening.

Dr. Milner can apply fluoride varnish in one quick and painless dental visit. First, the teeth are dried with gauze. Next, a tiny brush is used to paint onto the front, top, back and bottom of a tooth. The sticky varnish dries and hardens once it comes into contact with saliva. Patients are able to eat and drink immediately after treatment, however they should avoid hot, sticky or crunchy foods until after they brush their teeth. Dr. Milner can reapply the fluoride varnish as often as two times a year.

Benefits of Fluoride Varnish

An in-office fluoride varnish treatment offers several benefits including:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Painless and quick procedure
  • No downtime (you are able to eat and drink right after treatment)

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